AKAYAMA MINE The remains of Akayama Mine(The disposal of the mine pollutant is done)

      Place:Narage at Kaminoyama City in Yamagata-Pref.
        Mineheads :with Akayama branch school as its center,
                      Kukeiji Minehead, Shingoro Minehead,Ogiri
                      Minehead, etc... Shingoro Minehead was operated
                      well in  1955. 
      History:Discovered in the beginning of the Edo period.
                  Managed by Mr.Ono from the latter period of the 
                  Meiji era to the Taisho era.
                  1921 to 1937 ,Managed by Mitsubishi mining Industry kk .
                  In 1937,Taken over by Manshu Dozan k.k.
                  In 1939,Akayama Mining Co.was established.A station
                  of ore dressing by floatation was installed later. 
                  In 1962,the station of ore dressing by floatation 
                  went out of use. 
                  In 1969, Nakamura Mining Industry managed. 
                  In 1972,the above-mentioned company stopped operation
                  and the mine became abandoned.(from Yamagata commercial
                  and industry labor section'Yamagata mine magazine)
                  Now Yamagata prefecture takes its initiative and keeps 
                  on working to dispose mine pollution,especially 
                  water polluted with mine.
Before the world war ,there were about 50 Korean people among 400 working people.(details unknown)
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the map of mines in Yamagata pref. where Koreans were made to work(Click here)=incomplete
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