Report of the United Nations Human Right Commission
Concerning the Issue of the "Comfort Women"(Sex Slaves)for the Japanese soldiers.

(The following translations are the articles extracted from the Newspaper "Japan and Korea"published by Japan-Korea Assocation,under the date of September1,1996.They are the articles selected on permission which seem to be noted to me. )

84:During the visit to South Korea ,the Special reporter(Ms. Radica Kmalaswami)noticed that,contrary to the government's very prudent attitue,statesmen,scholars,non-govermental orgazations and female victims were making claims more straightforwardly.
Chapter 7 Position of Japanese Government :Legal Responsibility .

91:In general,the victim's rights and the assaulter's penal responsibilities are
  scarcely admitted under the international laws. These rights and 
responsibilities constitute an essential part of the present international
 laws, above all, in the international laws of humanity.

92.During the visit to Japan,the Japanese government presented the
   special reporter with documents including discussions about certain 
  demands made by the former "Comfort women" for the Japanese army
  and the international society in favor of them. The Japanese 
  government says that it has no legal responsibility for the victims,
  it has only humanitarian obligations.But it is a belief of the special
  reporter that the Japanese government has legal responsibility as 
  well as humanitarian one toward the women treated as sex slaves of
  the Japanese army during the world warU. 

95:The  special reporter is absolutely sure that they were taken 
  to the  battlefilds  against their will,the Japanese Empire 
  Army set up,regulated  and managed a vast network of "Comfort
  Houses" and that the Japanese  government is responsible for 
 this matter. In addition,the government should  be prepared 
 to admit the responsibility for what it means under the 
  international  laws.
97:The  special reporter,like the Secretary General,is confiddent
 that a  certain aspect of the international laws of humanity
 constitutes,no doubt,  international customary laws and that
 the responsibility of the State can  the international laws 
 of humanity ,without any  special treaty.
98:The 27th Article of Geneva 4th Convention repeats the 
    principle that the rape in the war is an international
    crime of war,and states that  women should be specially
    protected from the infringement of their honor especially 
    from the rape ,the forced prostitution and all the other 
   sorts of obscenities.

102:"Comfort Women"forth the Japanese army will have a right
    of claim about the violation of duty of the above-mentioned

105:In principle,the Japanese government takes a stance that
    every claim  has been settled under the treaty between 
    the two countries and that  Japan has no local obligation 
     to make compensation to individual.

108:It is a conclusion of the special reporter that the 
    Japanese government  has legal responsibilities for violation
    which has actually occurred  under the international laws 
    of humanity,even after conclusion of treaties.

113.The Japanese government has a duty to make a due effort 
    to prosecute  those  who are responsible for establishment 
    and management of the  "Comfort Houses".It would be a
     Japanese government's duty to try the  prosecution as 
    far as possible though it might be difficult because 
    of shortge of information available after an elapse of
    many years.

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