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Let's clarify the problems of the Asian
people forced to come to Japan!
Time is just passing away with many buried facts.....but it's still
not too late to uncover the truth about Japan's past.

Before and during the World War a lot of Korean people were forced to come to Japan to work at the mines or the railroad construction sites also in Yamagata Pref. For example,
500 pople at Nishiazuma sulfur mine in Yonezawa city,
200 people at Kidomo coal mine in Funagata town,
300 people at Oguni Denko in Nishioitama country,
200 coolies at Yamagata electric power plant in Nishimurayama country,
130 coolies at Yonesaka line railroad construction site in Nishioitma country,
520 people at Tagawa coal mine in Atsumi town,
500 people at Nagamatsu mine in Mogami country,
50 Korean people of 400 workers at Akayama mine in Kaminoyama city,(click)
(From my report of 'Reports:Forced Korean' published by Akashi Shoten.)
*map of workers at mine

Event Infomation

"Ex-Comfort Women(sex slaves) Talks" were held in August,1996 under the auspiece of Yamagata Woman's Center. 'Valencias' Talk' This event information will be rewritten and renewed .

    Forced Labor in Japan

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